Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Rise in Demand for Affordable Housing - Real Estate Trends

Real estate studies and reports reveal that 2018 will be an year full of investments and profits to both the builders and the buyers. In 2017, where the property sales were stagnant and the norms, such as GST and RERA were not properly occupied in the market, the industry suffered a lot. However, 2018 is expected to recover all the losses experienced in the previous year.

The norms of RERA, GST and REIT are properly understood, occupied and invested in the market, which resulted in a huge increase in the demand for affordable flats in Ghaziabad.
Some of the major real estate trends of 2018 are mentioned as under -
  1. Revamped Business Model - This is a major game changing trend that has revamped the entire way the real estate operates. Earlier, developers used to announce their housing projects without giving any assurance or confirmation about the delivery date. However, with the introduction of RERA, it became necessary for the real estate builders to promote transparency and accountability in whatever is communicated with the buyers. 
  2. Increased Capital Flow - The country is experiencing increased transparency, GST norms and improved regulations, as a result of which, India and its multiple housing destinations, such as Ghaziabad city has turned out to be a lucrative market for investment. For the upcoming 5 years and more, the private equity and capital flow is expected to multiply by several times. NRIs are also expected to invest more in the flats in Ghaziabad this year. 
  3. More Confident Customers - With REIT and RERA, it has become easier for developers to arrange funds for high quality construction. This in turn, is expected to attract small investors, who are much more confident in real estate investment. They know that their investments are safe. Hence, money security will keep motivating investors to invest in lucrative properties in Ghaziabad.
  4. Affordable Housing - Affordable Housing sector is going to get much more attention in Delhi NCR region. Ghaziabad is already noted to the most affordable place to live in. now, the entire Delhi NCR region would focus on affordable solutions. The rural sector as well is going to have 1 crore affordable homes by 2019, as per the Union budget of 2017. In very simple words, this year buyers will have more transparent transactions and access to multiple solutions for affordable housing in Ghaziabad and nearby regions. Both investors and developers will find these trends as really productive.