Monday, 19 March 2018

LMH offer you best 3 BHK flats at affordable price in NH-58 Ghaziabad

LMH has plethora of options in store when it comes to find 3 BHK flats in NH-58 Ghaziabad at an affordable range.

Having home at a perfect location is the dream of every person. When this need is not satisfied, it can leave adverse effects on your life, class and living standards. And above all, affordable housing holds great significance to ensure that economic vitality of communities is maintained and a family resides in a safe and hygienic atmosphere.

Among all other locations, Ghaziabad is one of the ideal residential locations which render luxurious facilities at budget-friendly range. Great news is that flats in Ghaziabad are being offered in different sizes, prices and types so that every specific need of people is catered well regarding residential opportunities.

However, if you are planning to find out a perfect shelter for your family, you must consider residential projects that render unmatchable low cost housing flats in Ghaziabad and one of them is definitely LandCraft MetroHomes. The concerned project is registered under the AwasYojna of UP government and caters to the housing needs of the low and middle income people.

The concerned project is a part of UP government’s housing scheme which makes it an ideal option for every middle class buyer. It’s a kind of real estate project that has been developed in the suburbs of Ghaziabad. As it is located on NH 58, having a residence over there ensures easy access to major cities, like Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Modinagar etc.

There is a long list of facilities that you get along with affordable flats in Ghaziabad under the project–
  • 24/7 gated security
  • Strong structure with remarkable earthquake resistance ability 
  • Budget-friendly range of 3 BHK flats in Ghaziabad with a study room as well
  • It has greenery and natural beauty all around 
  • Provides safe play area for kids
  • Spacious club space with different types of shared amenities like modern gymnasiums and swimming pool etc.
  • Equipped with beautifully landscaped garden
  • Place holds proper amount of ventilation and light in the room 
  • The best part is that budget range is quite feasible i.e. between 15 lakh to 30 lakh
  • Metro station as well as Eastern Peripheral Expressway are in close proximity
  • Well-known colleges and schools are situated nearby 
In simple words, LMH has it all to cater your housing needs perfectly, if you are on a look out for affordable yet classy home. A wide array of flats in NH-58 Ghaziabad is available at remarkable range. So, what are waiting for? Just grab the most suitable residential opportunities available under this project. 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Right time to invest in LandCraft MetroHomes

To own flats in Ghaziabad at an affordable range, it’s better to consider the options available under Awas Yojna of UP Govt.
Well, the government of UP has always been working sincerely towards the welfare of human beings. Just like many other good things they have done to the people in the city as of now, the government has started an initiative to facilitate affordable housing solutions with all the possible advanced equipment and remarkable designs.

Yes, what I am referring to is none other than the property project of the city i.e. the availability of flats under Awas Yojna of UP Government in Ghaziabad. Some people are aware of this housing scheme by the name of Awas Bandhu which is primarily aimed to protect the rights of home seekers through providing them with exclusively-designed residential property at an affordable range.
To promote real estate sector in the city, the government has decided to collaborate with the leading builder named LandCraft and deliver finest property project MetroHomes with low cost housing flats in Ghaziabad.
Find access to flats under Awas Yojna of UP Govt. 
It’s quite obvious that Government cannot serve different housing needs of the people of the city alone so they have taken the right decision of shaking hands with private builder. With this, a large number of families can have quick access to the affordable range of flats offered by leading property group LandCraft. To be more specific, the location of the project has been noticed on the main NH-58.
After booking your flats in Ghaziabad, you can make your dreams come true at amazingly low prices. There is plethora of benefits available with the purchase of such flats. Some of them are given below:

  • Find close proximity to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway
  • Get powerful and long lasting foundation structures with earthquake resistance capacity in your flats under this project
  • Have access to proper ventilation with adequate amount of light
  • Find 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats in Ghaziabad along with a highly spacious study room
  • Have access to homes at a prime location on NH-58 that comes with great location benefits
  • Enjoy luxurious facilities like modern gym, swimming pool and kids play area with this project
  • Get a chance to live in Eco-friendly surroundings
  • Easy connectivity to various major cities like Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi and Modinagar
As a whole, to purchase strongly-built flats in Ghaziabad at budget-friendly prices, LMH (a part of Awas Yojna) can provide you the best possible housing options.  I would personally suggest you all that it’s the right time to invest in this project for residence or for investment reasons.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

LandCraft Metro Homes is a affordable society in NH-58 Ghaziabad

NH-58 housing projects in Ghaziabad are attracting plethora of buyers or investors to grab affordable housing options with state-of-the-art amenities.
Ghaziabad is contributing a lot in the realty sector of Delhi NCR. The price of properties in the neighboring regions is quite high so the city brings a sense a relief to the prospective buyers for housing. Due to the introduction of government schemes like Awas Yojna, you can get to buy your dream house at affordable range. The best part is that while paying an affordable price, you will not have to compromise on the amenities and facilities.

Holding developed infrastructure, world-class facilities, schools, hospitals, malls with an wide array of affordable flats in Ghaziabad, the city has emerged as the most preferred destination for real estate.
Some potential Benefits of purchasing homes in Ghaziabad are as follows:
  • More exposure to job opportunities
There could be no denial to the fact that Ghaziabad has always covered a major industrial part of UP. And there is plethora of reputed brands planning to settle within the Smart City. Job seekers come from nearby neighboring regions looking for job and livelihood. 
  • Easy connectivity
As you all know, there are flyovers and other modes of transport developing within the area, there is no harm in considering housing options within Ghaziabad. Easy connectivity will help you reach out to the neighboring regions in a hassle-free manner. In this way, you can get to live at the property without making a huge distance from the nearby surrounding hubs.

However, if you have decided to buy flats in NH-58, it seems to be a great location and easy connectivity to other regions of the city. LandCraft Metro Homes has 1,2,3 BHK flats in the region with affordable government housing schemes. The area around the housing society is a treat to view and feel with lush greenery. While residing over there, you can stay away from the noise and pollution of the city. The flats are available with proper ventilation and sunlight reaching inside. 
Hospital, schools, shopping complexes and other world class facilities are easily accessible from the NH-58 flats Ghaziabad at LandCraft Metro Homes. The society holds everything from club, landscaped gardens and children can have a good time with playground available inside. Transport facilities are indeed remarkable. Interested buyers can also consider nearby and more affordable housing options like flats in Muradnagar which is quite close to Ghaziabad.  
LMH is a property which has been developed for the middle and low income groups with all the amenities like in premium housing. 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Affordable homes by LandCraft Metro Homes Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh

The UP Government provides various affordable housing schemes for its citizens to let them own a dream house and Awas Yojna is definitely one of them.
Undoubtedly, the pleasure of living in your own home is something you cannot express in words. Everyone wants a shelter to stay and a place to relax when he comes back after working hard for the whole day. Some people even get this shelter as rented houses but a person always looks forward to have one of his own.

Thanks to the initiative of the UP Government, people can get the opportunity of fulfilling their long time dream of living in their own houses. Among all other prospective destinations, Ghaziabad is considered as a hub in the realty sector which can help low budget people to have their own permanent shelter. The Awas Yojna scheme has proved to be quite beneficial for people to buy flats in Ghaziabad. Some of the insights of the scheme are as follows:

  • The scheme was Launched in 2015, focused to create 2 core affordable houses in just 7 years
  • Basically, the plan was made taking Low Income Group(LIG) and Economically Weak Groups( EWG) into consideration
  • It’s even a good news for female applicants that they will be given preference over males during allotment which ultimately makes it a woman pro scheme.

Builders in Ghaziabad are playing a vital role in providing flats under Awas Yojna of UP Government. With each passing day, a wide array of projects is coming up near NH–58 Ghaziabad which can help you to get the house you always wanted. 

The government intends to develop around 12,000 flats under this scheme. Most of these houses have been built or are under construction. They are built as per the approved designs by the government of India. It gives a sense of relief for the MIG (Middle Income Group) or LIG (Low Income Group) of the society.

Low income housing in Ghaziabad will be RERA compliant and also in accordance to the laws prevailing within the state. However, if monetary issues restrict buyers from purchasing the house, the Government is there to help them out with an easy subsidy scheme of loan. Make a note, these benefits would be given to the people who do not own any house in the country. It also asks for one of the property owners to be a woman.


In a nutshell, you can have easy access to low cost housing flats in Ghaziabad under this scheme. And the UP Awas Yojna appears to be a savior of many people who wants to own their house at affordable cost.

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Buy Low cost flats under Awas Yojna of up government

The Government has been trying to support its citizens through various schemes, Awas Yojna being one of them to own a house of flats of dreams.

One of the most important necessities for a human being is a shelter to stay under. A place where one can relax and come back to after a day’s of hard work. One might get this shelter in the form of rented houses but, owning flats is the dream every person looks up to. One can fulfill this long cherished dream of theirs, thanks to the initiative of the UP Government.

Ghaziabad, one of the hubs in the realty sector has been quite instrumental in helping the low income people with their dreams. This scheme has been quite helpful to the people in buying Flats in Ghaziabad. Let us give you an idea about this ingenious scheme:

  • Launched in 2015, this scheme targets to create 2 core affordable houses within a span of 7 years
  • The plan has been made keeping the Low Income Group(LIG) and Economically Weak Groups( EWG) in mind
  • Female applicants will be given preference over males in case of allotment, making it a woman pro scheme.

Builders in Ghaziabad are contributing to this great work by providing Flats under Awas Yojna of UP Government. One can see numerous projects coming up near NH – 58 Ghaziabad which can help you to achieve the house of your dreams.

The government intends to develop around 12,000 flats under this scheme of Low Income Housing in Ghaziabad. Out of which a majority of houses have been built or are under construction. These houses are being built as per the approved designs by the government of India. These houses are going to provide a relief to the MIG (Middle Income Group) or LIG (Low Income Group) of the society.

These Low Cost Housing Flats in Ghaziabad will be RERA compliant and also in accordance to the by-laws prevailing within the state. The Government has also introduced an easy subsidy scheme of loan for such people so that they can afford to buy these houses without worrying about the monetary issues. However, these would be applied to people who do not own any house in the country. It also asks for one of the property owners to be a woman.

Hence, one can always start looking out for these projects in Ghaziabad as it is a hub of affordable housing projects. The UP Awas Yojna is the savior of many people looking out for owning a dream house of their own without making a huge hole in their pockets. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Finest housing projects under affordable housing scheme in GZB

LandCraft Metrohomes have today evolved as one of the finest housing projects under affordable housing scheme in GZB known as Awaj Yojna.

There are things like insurance, banking and others where an individual goes by the belief on the intermediate person or agency before finalizing a deal. Real estate is also one such area where the authenticity of the agency matters to a large extent. At LandCraft Metrohomes, you can get that as a sure shot, besides other factors desired.

Serving a wide number of customers since years, Land Craft, one of the most popular builders in the NCR region, has tied up with the government scheme to launch a world-class project known as LandCraft Metro Homes. The project maintains its location on the main national highway 58 and offers affordable housing in Ghaziabad.

In the city of Ghaziabad, there are a large number of properties that are up for sale, since the many investors & homeowners have relocated in most cases. These properties have the advantage that they are new launch and do require time for possession. That’s why; they are sold with a huge amount of discount.

This is due to more than one reason. Firstly, the former owners are generally relocating and hence in a need for quick money. Secondly, these properties being already built and inhabited are not brand new and there is always a depreciation cost involved. Thus, the discounts obtained are quite heavy. The architecture of flats in Ghaziabad is unmatched in look owing to the nature and culture of the place.

For an interested buyer, it is important to have a look at various factors before buying. Even before that, one needs to see the real pictures and the exact location of the place. Factors like the vicinity of a decent locality with medical facilities, schools and markets, malls etc. is very important. That is what makes the flats of Metrohomes – the finest housing projects under the affordable housing scheme in GZB – a widely preferred property option among people with different budget. They have different property options -1 BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK flats in Ghaziabad.

At Metrohomes, the experts are extremely professional in this respect. They make sure that you are fully satisfied with the initial searching through photos and other information before going ahead with a buy. The discounts offered are heavy and so much alluring that it is hard to deny an offer based on budgeting alone! So, you don’t need to worry anymore. The available 1 BHK Flats in Ghaziabad offered by Metrohomes are of the same quality and come at reasonable prices.
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Trusting on LandCraft MetroHomes ensures to enjoy exciting benefits to all those who are seeking to buy affordable flats in Ghaziabad.
Nowadays buying or renting a house at any part of world is completely hassle-free with the emergence of online real estate professionals. These not only bring the best and refined options of property to you, but also provide all the necessary guidance for booking. With the use of these services, you can easily search or buy affordable flats in Ghaziabad or any other place in India. After Noida and Gurgaon, Ghaziabad has turned out as a massive real estate market that is experiencing a great surge in popularity and property costs. With these surging costs, many people even out of the NCR region are interested in buying properties in order to get future benefits.
The procedure of buying flats or other types of property usually starts with an extensive search of available options. The real estate companies like LandCraft help consumers to take this first step by offering vast listing of affordable housing in Ghaziabad in different categories. By using their assistance, you can easily buy your desired residential property that is available in the form of luxurious villas, affordable flats and commercial residences. The company basically operates and specializes in offering the properties at very reasonable prices. If you desire to live in a city that is near to NCR and has close proximity to Meerut and Muradnagar, then they could surely help you to find out the most suitable property.

The company offers exclusive options of flats in Muradnagar according to your requirements and price range. Once you enter the desired price range, location, type of apartment, number of rooms and other details you will get a refined result. All the properties present in this list are selected and checked by the company for credence. This means you get to see the best available options in your selected location that could simplify your decision taking procedure. LandCraft also offers a wide range of options of low income housing in Ghaziabad under the project of MetroHomes after being associated with Awas Yojna of UP government. Under this project, you can find a finest array of luxurious apartments depending on your requirements at NH-58.

Once you select a flat, professionals associated with LandCraft MetroHomes will help you to take further steps of purchase. The professionals will take care of all the steps required to be done in order to make your home purchase a very simple process. If you are too precise about your requirements in the apartment, you will get extensive listing and options under each category to find the one that matches with your level of perfection. Whether you want 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats in Ghaziabad – they have options to people with different property needs.