Saturday, 1 August 2020

2 BHK Affordable Flats at NH 58 Ghaziabad

Everyone dreams of buying their own homes in metro cities or areas like NCR (Nation Capital Region). If you are also one of those, there is a great news for you. Yes you can find affordable flats in Ghaziabad. For those who are looking forward to buying a home for the first time, this is one of the best budget flats one could afford. Ghaziabad has many of these projects many of which are under construction that could be the dream home of many individuals. It is the host for the projects which specifically target people with a middle-class economy. These are the affordable housing projects fulfilling the dreams of many house buyers.


Right Home

It is important to live in a green healthy surrounding. A green surrounding not only promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle but keeps the daily mood in a better state. For someone looking a flat in a green location flat in NH 58, Ghaziabad is the best bet that they could afford. NH 58 gives easy connectivity to Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Meerut and thus buying the flat at this area isn’t a bad idea at all. The benefits of purchasing a flat at metro homes are-


RERA Certification

The project has RERA certification which makes this project authentic and thus gives buyers their rights and protection that they are investing the right property. Thus, this is the assurity that buyers are getting access to a high-quality flat at fair prices.


Metro and Expressway

With the connectivity to NH 58, these homes connect you to every possible location quickly. Also, with the upcoming metro project now the availability of public transport will be added to the benefit of having a flat at this location. The only thing which stopped people from getting a flat in Ghaziabad was a limitation of Public Transport. Now with expanding modes all the services will be easily available and with growing commute trade and many more things will be easier. The problem of Ghaziabad only being a city for private vehicle owner will now change.


Green & Clean

 Greenery is a very important part of living standards. By living in polluted one is putting their life at risk. These localities generally offer a clean and green environment and away from the hustle and bustle of the city these residential areas much more peaceful and meditative.


Job opportunities

With the settlement of proper locality, you will get opportunities in many sectors. This area is attractive to job seekers as well as those who want to settle their business. It could be a growing area for businesses and could be a future in business development.


So, if you are ready to move into your dream home there can’t be an any better time to buy one of the available flats in Ghaziabad.

Monday, 16 March 2020

How to Maximize Space in 1 BHK Flats

Are you the one who always searches for some extra closet space? Are you constantly stressing with the fact that you have no space to move around in your house? Are you always reading online how to maximize 1 BHK flat? If this is the case then it’s for sure that here you will get some small tips that will make your 1 BHK look like a 1.5 BHK flat. Listed below are some ideas, which are sure to add tons of space in your small room.
Maximize Vertical Space
The top-most functional way to give an illusion of space is to utilize the benefit of your wall height and keep away from settling every stuff on the floor. For instance, add tall bookcases, cabinets, shelves, and hang hooks on the wall for jackets and coats. You can also form visual stumbling blocks with room walls to make 1 BHK flats inGhaziabad look larger than it originally is.
Trick Your Eye, Deceptively
Create an illusion of extra space, strategically, by placing mirrors to illustrate as much of artificial or natural light as possible. Additionally, if you go-through furnishings and floor-to-ceiling curtains, the room would naturally look bigger.
Control As Much Clutter As You Possibly Can
This may sound little tacky, but this step works. It’s very important when it comes to extra space in your room. Get rid of clothes, furniture, files, and extra stuff you no longer need. Additionally, keep moving around in-house furniture away, so that nobody is bumping into the furniture. There should be enough space to move around.
Embrace Change and Extreme Functionality
Select the elements that you can use for multipurpose. For instance, a table that can be used as a dining table as well as a study desk, and an ottoman that can store daily use items and can work as a comfortable sitting place. Many options can assist you to add instant space to affordable flats in Ghaziabad.
Store Smartly
Begin by storing daily use items like bathroom supplies in labeled boxes and keep them in a closed space to give a neat and clean appeal to your room. Get shoes off from the floor racks and stack them over-the-door rack or at the uppermost shelf of your closet.
Purchase Smart Lighting
Lighting doesn’t always mean that you have to put tube light in your room. It means putting structure lighting that can illuminate space, such as floor lamps, bed-side table lamps, console lights, and ceiling lights too. These types of lights can set the mood for various activities in flats in NH58 Ghaziabad.
With these smart tips, you will find a way to utilize the space and enhance the aesthetics of your 1 BHK flat.

Friday, 17 January 2020

3 BHK Affordable Flats in Meerut Road

The city named Meerut not only brag of a flourishing hub of both small as well as medium industries but also a successful real estate market that adds more power to Delhi NCR real estate. There has been a buzz in the industry as Meerut’s construction is getting improved physical and social infrastructure. Being India’s most improved city, Meerut boosts employment for all and also distributes the increasing requirement of affordable housing. The real estate builders and local authorities are delivering the best property in Meerut Road that fits in everyone’s needs and budget.
Meerut Delivers Affordable Properties in the Desired Location
As far as investment in Meerut property is considered, Meerut delivers spacious and suitable 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments at a cut-rate prices in desired locations. The requirement for ample residential property in Meerut is paramount and the best real estate developers are reaching the heights to meet the demand in a sophisticated manner. Therefore, it’s not shocking that there is a vast demand for ready to move flats in Meerut that permits homebuyers to select a reliable property that suits their budget and living. Property rates in Meerut are way more affordable than any other Delhi NCR real estate markets.
Things to Consider Before Buying Property in Meerut
Mentioned below are some factors that need to be considered when buying a property in Meerut:
Check the kind of property you want: If you are searching for residential property, you might have specific requirements like the number of bedrooms, a number of car parks, and presence of lift and so on. The more specific you are, the more you have to look at your choice.
Look for good locations: The location is a prime factor to consider while buying Flats in Ghaziabad. Check out the location of your selected property and ensure that it is well-connected to hospitals, schools, etc. The location should also be linked to NCR and should deliver the property security you need.
Fully furnished or bare shell: When you have the option of ready to move flats then why not opt them? This works great if you are a working person and don’t get much time to think about setting up your new house. Selecting this kind of flat assist you to adjust in a new place without any difficulty.
As Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon are going out of home buyers reach due to high prices, Meerut is being seen as the next preferred location for buying property. Meerut is stealing the heart of every investor as it caters to the increasing need of pocket- friendly and affordable Flats in Nh58 Ghaziabad. With proximity to the national capital of India via road transport, Meerut attracts new buyers.

Monday, 9 December 2019

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Home at Landcraft Metrohomes

What all you see in your “Sweet Home”? Do they guarantee affordability or do they demand modern facilities that depicts a quality living? What if you get both the things in the same platform? Yes, you have read right, don’t be surprised. All the flats under Awas Yojna of UP Government deliver amalgamation of affordability and contemporary amenities that makes them perfect choice for every home seeker. In short, if you are looking for an affordable priced property, the Landcraft Metrohomes is the best option for you. Read down the following reasons that justifies the same-
Affordability under Samajwadi Awas Yojna of UP Government
One of the reason why people lack to buy house and not able to meet their dream home is the higher pricing of properties. In respect to decrease the hurdles and deliver shelter to all the people who needs home, the government of UP has brought a golden opportunity. The state government has brought Awas Yojna to accomplish the needs of all the buyers in Ghaziabad.
Besides many amenities, Affordable Flats near Raj Nagar Extn also avail many more benefits. Here are some of the financial benefits that Landcraft Metrohomes provides you-
l   On a loan of 6 lacs, a subsidy of 6.5% is provided for the duration of 15 years. Note: the interest subsidy is provided to the people whose income is up to 6 lacs per annum.
l   For the time period of maximum 20 years, 4% interest subsidy is provided on 9 lacs of loan to the person whose earning is up to 12 lacs per annum.
l   A person whose earning is up to 18 lacs per annum can have the benefit of 3% interest subsidy on 12 lacs loans for maximum 20 years.
Location Edge
Being Flats in NH58Ghaziabad, Landcraft Metrohomes is recommended to those who have to travel regularly to Noida, Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram and other places. This way less time will be consumed and deduction will be made from your expenses.
Green Environment
Delhi NCR is another name for pollution, since you have your colleges, workplace or schools at such places, you can’t relocate to another city. Hence, living in NH 58 can be more advantageous as the place is occupied with greenery and plantations.
Lavish Facilities
With the modern needs of modern people, the 2 BHK Flat in Ghaziabad delivers many benefits that can make your life lavish. So here are some of them-
l   Protected and safe children play area
l   24 hours security guard at the gates
l   Landscape garden
l   Quick accessibility to medical facilities, malls, markets and so on.
l   Well-furnished and ventilated rooms. 
Therefore, invest today in lower budget properties and get advantage in the future.

Friday, 15 November 2019

5 Reasons to Invest In Property in Ghaziabad

Looking for a dream home that gives shelter and higher returns in the future? May be Ghaziabad is the right location for you. The lesser-known city of Ghaziabad has now turned into the hottest commodity in the Delhi NCR region. Hence, if you are planning to invest in a residential property, the smart city is the best choice.
Here’s why -
1. Connectivity
Ghaziabad is best known for its connectivity features. With the increasing number of highways, expressways, elevated roads and others, the city has turned out to be the most livable city in the Delhi NCR region. Apart from this, metro connectivity from Noida sector 62 to Indirapuram and New Bus Adda to Dilshad Garden has further added ease of commuting for the office goers.
2. Amenities
Another reason to invest in the affordableflats in Ghaziabad is easy accessibility of basic amenities. Be it educational facilities, recreational facilities, medical facilities or others, the flats in Ghaziabad connect you to everything is essential for a healthy and sumptuous living.
3. Job Opportunities
If you thought that Ghaziabad had no scope for better job opportunities, you are completely wrong. With the advent of multinational companies in Ghaziabad, this city attracts a huge amount of workforce with greater salary package and other allied benefits. Some of the major multinational companies in Ghaziabad include ITC, Aptara International, Honeywell International INDIA Pvt Ltd and Coca Cola.
4. Highly Affordable
In comparison to Delhi, Noida and other NCR regions, property in Ghaziabad is the cheapest, or say most affordable. For example, 3 bhk flats in Nh58 Ghaziabad are available at just Rs. 17.57 lacs with a home loan subsidy of up to Rs. 2.67 lacs at LandCraft MetroHomes. Hence, buying a property here is certainly a wise decision. This housing project is a part of UP government’s Awas Yojna, which is why LMH assures the trust of quality and affordability in its homes.
5. Higher Returns
The best part about this city is that it is currently in its development stage. Hence, if you buy 2 bhk flat inGhaziabad today, you can be ascertained that the returns you get in the future will be very exciting. The day is not far when the city will evolve as a completely developed city. So, the sooner you invest, the bigger returns you get.
To put it short, Ghaziabad property is undoubtedly the most lucrative and return-yielding thing that you will ever come across. Hence, do invest here and experience the benefits.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Festival Season 2019 – Good Time To Purchase Affordable Property

Festival season brings joy for everyone. In terms of real estate, it is the best time of the year for both buyers and sellers/ builders. At one hand, where buyers get access to a number of rejoicing offers on their dream property, on the other hand, the builders register an increased number of sales.

Listed below are some of the major reasons why investing in the festive is highly recommended -

  • Indians believe that the festive season is a very auspicious time. Hence, investing in affordable flats in Ghaziabad may bring luck and prosperity for them. 
  • During this time, builders promote their housing projects aggressively and entice buyers with numerous offers. 
  • Due to bonuses and other benefits, the disposable income of the buyers is quite high during the festive season. Hence, they can easily invest in a home. 
  • Right from affordable homes to luxury homes, varieties of projects are launched during this time. 
  • Buyers get better loan options and lucrative deals from banks. 

So, now when the festive season is just around the corner, don’t you think that you should be prepared beforehand? This will help you find the right property easily so that you can buy it instantly as soon as the festive season and its various benefits hits the ground.

Benefits To Look For 

As already mentioned above, developers shower a number of promotional schemes on the buyers during the festive time. This is basically done to make sure that the customer falls in their kitty and not in their competitor’s kitty. So, amidst the intense competition among different real estate builders, you can certainly get the ball in your court by leveraging the best deal.

Some of the major benefits that developers offer during this season, include, but are not limited to the following -

  • Brokerage discounts
  • Exciting travel vouchers 
  • Gold coins
  • Free club memberships
  • Cash discounts
  • Stamp duty or registration fees benefits
  • Freebies, like free home appliances

Depending on which developer you choose for purchasing your dream flats in Ghaziabad, the benefits offered may vary.

So, apply for a pre-approved home loan, bargain hard as much as you can, make an instant down payment and convince the builder that you are actually intended to buy (to motivate for more offers). This will help you ease your buying process and invest in your dream home, for example, flats in Nh58 Ghaziabad. Start preparing today to make an investment upon the arrival of 2019 festive season.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Why To Choose Nh58 Over Raj Nagar Extension In Affordable Real Estate Investment

Are you planning to invest in Ghaziabad real estate? Are you planning to invest in the hottest realty market of Ghaziabad, Raj Nagar Extension? What a splendid choice you have!

But, wait, did you have a check on your budget? Do you know there is another location in Ghaziabad - NH 58 - that can be a better investment decision than Raj Nagar Extension? Scroll down to know more.

Why Choose NH 58 Over Raj Nagar Extension? 

Raj nagar extension, no doubt, is a superb location to live in. But despite various facilities, continuous improvements and promising future prospects, RNE seems to be lacking in attracting home low-middle or low-income group of individuals. Every locality targets a specific segment of the society, and RNE is not the ideal location for you, in case you have a very limited salary bracket. 

So, if you are planning to buy affordable flats in Ghaziabad, here are some reasons why you should prefer NH 58 more than RNE - 

1. Pocket-Friendly 

The first and the biggest reason is pocket friendliness. If owning a home was a distant dream for you because of a tight budget, NH 58 is the perfect destination to fulfill your dreams. The price range of flats in Nh58 Ghaziabad begin from as low as 15 lacs with home loan facility. So, you can be rest assured that you can own a home. 

2. Awas Yojna Flats 

NH 58 introduces you to Awas Yojna flats, which are offered by private builders, under the housing scheme of UP government. These flats are RERA certified and the trust of government’s housing scheme make them more reliable. LandCraft MetroHomes is a prestigious project that offers flats under Awas Yojna in NH 58. 

3. Offers Better Connectivity

Don’t be shocked to know that NH 58 gives you better connectivity than Raj Nagar Extension. Although RNE gives you superb connectivity to Delhi, Noida and other major cities, NH 58 gives you instant and quicker connectivity to these places. It is located close to Eastern Peripheral Expressway through which you can travel to Greater Noida, Sonipat, Faridabad, Baghpat and Palwal. Being located close to RNE, it also gives you instant access to Delhi, Indirapuram and NH 24. 

These are the major reasons why NH 58 is better than RNE any day. It not just fits in your budget, but also gives you better facilities to live in.